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All trips change travelers, regardless of whether they are long or short trips, the man who leaves is never the same as the one who returns. In that sense, traveling is like life, since with time it is transforming us, it is discovering us. A …

5 Essential Hiking Tips for Beginners

1. Know Your Limits The very first time I went hiking, I chose to follow along with my sister, who had been hiking in the mountains for years. While it was a great experience and the mountains were beautiful, I was completely unprepared for the challenge, …

Restaurants In Antigua Guatemala

Angie Angie Café Arte A relative newcomer to Antigua’s cultural restaurant scene, Angie Angie is an Argentinian-style restaurant featuring a theater, live music and puppet shows on Friday nights. The international menu is visibly influenced by Italian and Argentinian cuisines, with dishes such as spinach …